Thursday, September 27, 2007

Off to a GREAT start!

Well, Grey's Anatomy is back in action and it did not disappoint! There were so many great scenes! Like when Christina told McDreamy she didn't like him...hilarious! When Christina found out Burke isn't coming back...sad. When Derrick stuck up for Merideth with cool! When the guy who was internally decapitated was in surgery and Christina was talking to him...emotional! When McSteamy said he actually came back for McDreamy...SO STINKIN' HILARIOUS! When Izzy told the interns good! George telling Izzy he loves NOT what I want to happen! And of course, when McDreamy and Meridith "break up" HOT! Even though I watch Grey's at home withouT anyone watching with me, I'm really not alone! My sister Beth and I watch it and call each other during commercials!! Our husband's find this annoying but we don't care! We have to discuss the best parts since we aren't watching it together!
Hope everyone else enjoyed the first episode...looks like it is going to be GREAT season!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tyler is 8

I just can't believe that my son is 8 already. When the heck did he get this big? I I remember being pregnant, very pregnant, and calling my mom and crying. I was freaking out!!! Getting nervous and I asked her..."What am I going to do with a baby?" I'm sure you have all been there...doubting that you could actually be a good mother! And look at me now...still doubting it!!! LOL! But, I got him this far so I must be doing something right!
He is so excited about his birthday. Tomorrow is his party and we will have a house filled with family! I should be cleaning right now! But I had to post a Happy Birthday to my baby!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This is why Tyler got the Sportsmanship award the for football 2 weeks ago. He is on the sidelines a lot but he NEVER complains about it. Which, makes me kind of mad. Tyler did really well last week and there are other kids on the team that are REALLY GOOD but they are, shall I say, brats! They know they are good and they feel they HAVE to play what they want when THEY want. Complaining all the time! Tyler does what he is told, tries his hardest and is on the sidelines. In the end it is more about winning for the coach than anything else. Even though they say it isn't. Don't get me wrong, winning is a wonderful feeling and I love that our team is doing great, but right now I think you need to worry about involving the kids and teaching them how to play. The only way they can learn is actually playing the game. The coach is GREAT and he does help Tyler but I can't help but think he keeps him out because he isn't the strongest player. Is that wrong of me to think that way? Maybe, this is a good lesson for him. Not everyone is a great football player, or a great baseball player but you are a part of a team. I guess, if Tyler isn't bothered than I should just get over it and stop looking into it so much! And when he is in the game he really tries his hardest and loves playing! Ok...I'm done with my rant on football! What do you think?
He does look cute standing there on the sidelines is that uniform!

Art Accordian Book

I did this a long time ago but I just posted it to my CMK gallery! I forgot where I got the idea to shrink the kids artwork but it is such a great idea. I did an accordian book from JoAnn's and put some of my favorite drawings from Kate. I love this book...not to sound to braggy! I still have to add art to the back pages so the entire book is filled. Great way to save the art they make without haveing piles of big art projects!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Flag Football Game!!!

Well, this was Tyler's second game today and they won!!!!! 35 to 0! Tyler also got the Sportsmanship award for last week! He got a kids flag, went 10 yards and was 4 yards from a touchdown!!! It was so dang exciting!!! Never thought football could be so exciting!!! Yeah TITANS!

Friday, September 14, 2007

I've been tagged TWICE today!!!

My friends Becca and Melita tagged me! Thanks for thinking of me! Here are some random facts about me...

1. I don't like people touching my feet.
2. I hate the taste and SMELL of coffee.
3. I don't like the taste or smell of seafood.
4. I am not organized at all!
5. I can't sing very well...but love to anyway!
6. I hate corn mixed in any kind of food but I love corn on its own!
7. I love to talk!

That's all I could think of. Nothing exciting but it was fun! I will tag later!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What the heck...

Now my playlist won't PLAY!!! Makes me mad! I like going on to my blog and listening to music! Have to go and figure this out!


I was over at Becca's (PingPongMom)blog to leave a comment and I just loved her PlayList! So...I had to do it too! It was so much fun picking out the music. There are more songs that need to be added but for now this is good! I really have an eclectic list...Bon Jovi to Stevie Wonder!!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ty's First Flag Football Game

Sunday was game day! Tyler's first ever Flag Football Game!!! They won the game 21 to 2!!! I don't know the first thing about football...ok, I know one thing, they score by making a touchdown! (Pretty good, huh?) So anyway, the game was so fun to watch! They are all so cute out there. (Oh wait, my husband said there is no CUTE in football!) So they were so cool! Tyler actually went 2 whole yards with the ball! Never thought I would ever get excited about 2 yards in football!
He was even picked to be one of the captains for the game. He got to pick heads or tails when they tossed the coin! (He picked heads) That is him in the #1 jersey in the picture. He's #1!!!!
This Sunday is his next game so I have to learn a little more before I go and watch! Don't want to seem like I am totally clueless!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Well, the first week of school is done! The picture is from the first day before we left for school!

It was a short week and it went by really fast! The first day and second day of school Kate didn't cry. The third and fourth? Well that's a different story! She decided it was time to make it a little more difficult! She is fine once she is in class but before class she just cries and tells me she doesn't want to go. I'm used to it...she did the same thing in Preschool! I just know that she if fine in class so that makes it a bit easier!

Tyler loved 3rd grade so far! He has a wonderful teacher so I am really looking forward to a great year. I'm hoping she can give Tyler the attention and help he needs to become a better student! We struggled last year and I am determined not to have the same issues!

Glad it's the weekend! The kids can relax and have enjoy two days off! Back on Monday so I'm hoping Kate is tear free next week!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day!

Well, she did it!!! Kate started Kindergarten today with NO tears!!! She was a little nervous when we got to the school but she went into class and sat down with now problems!!! Before we left, we peeked in her window she smiled and waved! So happy about that. You know...she didn't even want me to pick her up from school. She took the bus home. I was sad about that because I wanted to be there when she got out on the first day but she wasn't having it! She REALLY could not wait to ride that bus! When she got off the bus she was grinning ear to ear! She really thought she was a BIG girl!
Tyler loved his class too! He is in 3rd grade and when we got to school he went to stand with all his friends and didn't even kiss us goodbye! As a matter of fact, he didn't even say goodbye to me! My baby is getting cool. Makes me so so sad.
Anyway, they both had WONDERFUL days and they can't wait to go back tomorrow!

Oh, and I enjoyed my 3 hours of freedom!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

2 days before School!

Well, we have 2 days until school starts and Kate has a COLD!!! Go figure. She isn't acting very sick but she is a little less active today. Why does it have to happen just before her first day of Kindergarten?? I just hope she if feeling better by then! Don't want it to be a bad day for her! Lots of rest and some tender loving care for her today!!!