Friday, September 7, 2007

Well, the first week of school is done! The picture is from the first day before we left for school!

It was a short week and it went by really fast! The first day and second day of school Kate didn't cry. The third and fourth? Well that's a different story! She decided it was time to make it a little more difficult! She is fine once she is in class but before class she just cries and tells me she doesn't want to go. I'm used to it...she did the same thing in Preschool! I just know that she if fine in class so that makes it a bit easier!

Tyler loved 3rd grade so far! He has a wonderful teacher so I am really looking forward to a great year. I'm hoping she can give Tyler the attention and help he needs to become a better student! We struggled last year and I am determined not to have the same issues!

Glad it's the weekend! The kids can relax and have enjoy two days off! Back on Monday so I'm hoping Kate is tear free next week!


Nura Keif said...

So cute!! Love the picture!! Kids grown up too fast!!

Becca said...

such a cute picture Janet! Glad things are going mostly ok. Love the slide show too. I changed my blog template and also added a slideshow. Its fun to mess around with these bloggies. Have a great day!!