Thursday, August 26, 2010

Locker Practice & A Camera Hog

Oh, it's starting. Middle school happenings. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we went up to the middle school to get Ty's locker # and combination! He got to practice opening it and he was a pro! (of course we bought him a combination lock to practice with this summer!) We put some supplies in is locker and he added a football picture to make it his for the first day of school. I only took my point and shoot for pictures. Didn't want to embarrass him at the new school with my big camera! I think he is pretty excited now. Starting a new school and being a little more independent. I still don't think 6th grade should be middle school, but I'm excited for him. I'll cry the first date I'm sure. Because that's what I do. I cry...a lot! My baby is not a baby. Less than two weeks until the first day. It's bittersweet!

These other pictures are just here because they make me laugh. The kids were swimming and Dexter and I sat on the deck watching. I said his name and he took over the camera. Such a ham!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Something you don't like challenge.

Over at The Mosy Scrapper I posted a challenge. Scrap something you don't like. It can be anything. Food, bills, clothes, habits. As long as you don't like it, you can scrap it. For me, I chose one of my least favorite foods. THE DREADED HOT DOG! It was an easy choice b/c of the wonderful button Christa made for me from her Etsy shop. She knows I hate hot dogs so she sent me a hot dog button with my August Dt package. I may hate the dog...but the button is so cute. Here's a close up:

I took some picture of Kate eating her lunch. (hot dog) and used those for the page. I had a good time with this one. Even though I really don't understand how she eats them! Here's the way it tuned out...

Feel free to give this one a try and visit us at The Mosy!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Poor Blog

I just don't pay attention to the blog. The blog is ignored. Poor blog! But I am back...for now! Lots of summer things going on and we are loving it. Hot weather and the pool. That is our days until school starts in about 3 weeks. Can't believe that. Ty will start his first year in middle school. I'm sure Ty will do great on the first day. Me, on the other hand? Not so good. Kate is going into 3rd grade. Time is just flying. I've managed to do some scrapping for The Mosy Scrapper. Having fun over there. If you scrap, you really need to come and join our group. Here is one of my August projects using handmade embellishments from Christa's Etsy Shop!

Taking a ton of pictures and just enjoying the kids and the lazy days! Hope your summer is going great too.