Friday, July 27, 2007

Well, as of 8pm today we are dogless. It was a very had decision and the kids were not happy when I told them I was taking him to his old home. Kate actually said she hated me and Tyler didn't want to talk to me. This is exactly why Cooper stayed w/ us as long as he did...I didn't want the kids upset. But I had to do it. He was a very high energy/high maintenance dog. His personality did not mix with my low patience level. He was a very sweet dog and I will miss him. Even though my family would doubt that. I had to play the bad guy. I have to tell you, it was worth my sanity.

Getting him to the home was very sad. The people that took him had him for 4 months and then we adopted him. So he is going back to a few dogs that he was around before. I hope he fits in still! He really need some other dogs to run around with! They even said they would keep in touch to let us know how he is doing. She even offered to have Tyler and Kate come over to see that he is happy and in a good home. Not sure if I want to do that...seeing him might make it harder on them.

So...that was my sad, hard, emotional day. I really need to be without a dog for a while. It will feel good. After having one for years up until last year and then getting was just too much for me. I hope I don't sound like a bad person. One day I look forward to having a LITTLE dog that wants to sit on my lap and relax!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

We need some sunshine! has been nice but the threat of thunderstorms have been going on for days...with no real rain. Even though the grass really needs it. We want the hot days and sun so we can swim in my parents pool! Summer is zooming by and before we know it...SCHOOL. (eew, I said it)
I just hope next month is a bit warmer around here
so we can enjoy the pool the last month of summer

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Dog

Well, I have finally contacted Coopers foster family to see if they could take him back. I e-mailed them today and she got back to me right away. They are willing to take him in and either keep him or adopt him out. As much as this dog drives me crazy, this is a very hard decision. I still love him and want to make sure he gets a good home. Which, I think he will be. They said that Cooper was one of their favorites. He will have another dog to play with and they are also taking care of 3 German Shephard puppies. He will be happy! If you don't know, my dog drives me absolutely INSANE. He is very hyper and very hard to control. For my sanity, I needed to do this.
Two little people are not going to be very happy with their mom and dad. We have to sit them down tomorrow and tell them that he will be in a new home on Friday. Maybe I will actually wait until Friday so they don't have two days with him to sit and cry about it. AHHHHH!!! This is just a bad situation but I'm glad I will be a bit less stressed come Friday.
I will say, it will be weird not having him around and I do believe I'm going to cry.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Ok, tomorrow Tyler goes for a sports physical. He played baseball for the first time this year and now he wants to sign up for flag football. Football...he is is tough. Anyone have boys who play??? Do they just grab a flag to catch someone or is there pain involved??? Yes, I'm the over protective mom! Never thought I would be but then I had kids!!!! I really do think it is great that he is really into sports now. I may be over protective but I do enjoy watching Ty get out there playing some ball!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Poor Tyler

I had to take him to get some blood work done and he was so upset. Before the girl even got to him he was sitting in this big chair...waiting...and crying. My poor little guy. I let him sit on my lap and squeeze my finger when she put the needle in. I think my thumb is broken but if it made him feel's ok!!! lol
I hate seeing my kids upset and the girl who did it blew his vein. He was not a happy kid.
Glad that part is over!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trying to Pack for a Crop

Tomorrow I am going to a store to crop with some friends. My desk is SO MESSY and I have to decide what I want to bring. I think this is the worst part of going to a crop -- packing up all my stuff that is so UNORGANIZED!!! The best part of a crop is getting out of the house for some me time!!! I'm really looking forward to that! Going to have to do a bit of shopping while I'm there too!
Off to do some packing!

I joined the Bloggers!!!

Well, I did it! I never thought I would start a blog. I didn't think I would have anything interesting to write about. Then I thought...WHO CARES!!! It looks fun! I can share pictures, tell stories, post layouts, vent and just share my thoughts. I am just starting, so bare with me until I figure out what the heck I am doing! If you have any comments or ideas for me, feel free to let me know!
Have a Good Day!