Monday, July 16, 2007


Ok, tomorrow Tyler goes for a sports physical. He played baseball for the first time this year and now he wants to sign up for flag football. Football...he is is tough. Anyone have boys who play??? Do they just grab a flag to catch someone or is there pain involved??? Yes, I'm the over protective mom! Never thought I would be but then I had kids!!!! I really do think it is great that he is really into sports now. I may be over protective but I do enjoy watching Ty get out there playing some ball!


Valery said...

Hi Janet!!! Collin will be playing football for the first time this year and I am a little nervous too! He has played flag football a while ago, but never 'real, tackle football'!! Ekkkk....

Love your blog!!!

Sue said...

Hey - flag football isn't too bad, it's usually kept under control so no worries (it's only natural that we are concerned though). I bet you'll really get into it once he starts playing. I can't wait for Braiden and Camden to start...oh, and the COLTS. Can you tell I'm a football FANatic!! :)

Becky said...

Hi Janet!

Glad I noticed the link for your blog on CMK! I love hearing all about the kiddos and what is going on with them and with your family!

I have two we never had to go the football route, but Amy had her share of injuries from gymnastics, cheerleading and diving. Nothing very serious - thank goodness! Kristi was more interested in music, art and drama so they were less dangerous! lol

I think I am the only person on the planet now who is "blog-less". Oh, wait...I don't think Carrie has taken the plunge yet...but I believe she is thinking about it!

Good to chat with you!