Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Dog

Well, I have finally contacted Coopers foster family to see if they could take him back. I e-mailed them today and she got back to me right away. They are willing to take him in and either keep him or adopt him out. As much as this dog drives me crazy, this is a very hard decision. I still love him and want to make sure he gets a good home. Which, I think he will be. They said that Cooper was one of their favorites. He will have another dog to play with and they are also taking care of 3 German Shephard puppies. He will be happy! If you don't know, my dog drives me absolutely INSANE. He is very hyper and very hard to control. For my sanity, I needed to do this.
Two little people are not going to be very happy with their mom and dad. We have to sit them down tomorrow and tell them that he will be in a new home on Friday. Maybe I will actually wait until Friday so they don't have two days with him to sit and cry about it. AHHHHH!!! This is just a bad situation but I'm glad I will be a bit less stressed come Friday.
I will say, it will be weird not having him around and I do believe I'm going to cry.

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