Thursday, October 25, 2007


AND I LOVE IT! I got 5 inches off and it is a HUGE difference for me! I'm so happy I did it too! Before it was long and it looked ok but now I think it is actually a style! I don't think I have ever been this happy about a cut before! I am going to a new stylist after 9 years of the same girl!! The new one is actually someone I graduated with and she did an awesome job!
The Before picture is sideways and blurry but you can get an idea of how long it was, the one of Kate and I shows the length in the front. The other two are new cut! So happy with it!
So...what do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know! Thanks!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2 More Days!

Beth, Dena and I are leaving Friday morning, after I get the kids to school for a nice long scrapbook weekend! It is about an 2 1/2 - 3 hour drive and the drive alone will be a great time! We are staying at the Maple Tree Inn in Whitehall, MI! It is a little roadside inn, and for only $155 our room, meals, snacks and drinks are included! I am doing some laundry and packing right now so I'm not doing EVERYTHING tomorrow. Even though I know I will be running around like crazy tomorrow getting me and the kids ready! Ty and Kate are staying at my mom and dad's for the weekend! Poor Paul has to work!
I will miss everyone...but it will be nice to get away to scrap, eat junk, and act goofy with my sister and best friend!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Scary Spider

I decorated the porch with our web and spider the other day. Kate had so much fun telling me where to put the spider. She would walk to the sidewalk and tell me where it looked good. Of course, she doesn't want to touch the spider b/c she is creeped out by it! After we had it all set, Kate wanted to take pictures. She had me stand under the spider and make a face. (sorry, it's not a flattering face but she liked it!) Anything to entertain my 5 year old! LOL!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Misc. Pictures!

Just adding some pictures I took last week! The one of Kate was just on our front porch. Really like how it turned out! Kate and Tyler wrestling on the front lawn and Tyler at his football game last Sunday. It was 90 out...way too hot to play football! But not one complaint out of him! Just put the cold wash cloth on his head and he was fine!


I swear this girl has a flat head! She is ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS standing on her head. She is really good at it and will actually watch tv this way! I called her Mork the other day. (remember Mork from Ork...he used to sleep that way didn't he?) She loves handstands, flips, somersalts, cartwheels, all that stuff but she won't join gymnastics! She is waiting for the day she is old enough to take horseback riding lessons. So until that day she won't join anything else. She is just content standing on her head in the living room or on the front lawn! My best friend said she should learn how to stand on her head ON a horse and join the circus!
Never a dull moment with Kate around! Just love her...even if I see her feet more than her head!

9th Anniversary!

We made it to 9 years on the 9th of this month! We didn't get to celebrate alone since Paul had to work but after we picked Kate up from school we went to lunch. Kate also took this picture of us on the front porch! There are others, but this one is my favorite. For a 5 year old, she doesn't do to bad! Of course, the first one is just her being silly when I told her to get a little closer! (such a snot!)
I'm looking forward to many more years! Just can't believe that the 9 years went as fast as they did!