Saturday, October 13, 2007


I swear this girl has a flat head! She is ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS standing on her head. She is really good at it and will actually watch tv this way! I called her Mork the other day. (remember Mork from Ork...he used to sleep that way didn't he?) She loves handstands, flips, somersalts, cartwheels, all that stuff but she won't join gymnastics! She is waiting for the day she is old enough to take horseback riding lessons. So until that day she won't join anything else. She is just content standing on her head in the living room or on the front lawn! My best friend said she should learn how to stand on her head ON a horse and join the circus!
Never a dull moment with Kate around! Just love her...even if I see her feet more than her head!

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Melita said...

OMG! I was totally the same way as a kid. Don't worry, the flat head rounds out eventually - ha ha ha!! I loved Mork and Mindy! Nanu Nanu! LOL!