Thursday, February 21, 2008

I got Tagged!

My friend and fellow DT member tagged me yesterday! I have to describe myself using the letters from my middle name. I really have a hard time describing myself, but here I go anyway...

L - Love to Laugh. I love to be with my friends and family and just laugh alot!
Y - Young - I'll be 37 in June. (that's not old...right?)
N - Not Neat (LOL) - organization is not my thing!
N - Nice - unless provoked!!! LOL!

Thanks Nat. So glad you picked me! I have to pick 4 girls to tag. I will do that later this afternoon!

No Voice Today

After A LOT of screaming, dancing, more screaming, and singing I have no voice! The concert was, as always, AWESOME!! Our seats were pretty good. We were in the upper level but in the 3rd row on the side of the stage. Good view but it would have been even better from the front row! I haven't been to a Bon Jovi concert that I was disappointed in!! Now they need to come back so we can do it again! The picture is from the show last night!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So excited, even though I have this MASSIVE headache! Dena, Beth and I are headed to the Palace tonight to see Bon Jovi! We have been waiting for months. Daughtry is opening up which will be another great concert. Looking forward to another concert from our favorite band! Not sure if I'll have a voice tomorrow but I know we are going to have a GREAT time!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's A...

My sister had an ultrasound yesterday and found out what she is having. Even though I thought she should be surprised. As her older sister I think she should have listened to me! Oh well, I tried. Actually, I couldn't wait for her to call me and tell me what it was. I managed to be surprised with both Tyler and Kate but I was pretty excited to find out what Ba is having. Tyler will no longer be the only grandson in the family. He guessed that it was a boy and was very excited to hear he was right. Kate guessed it would be a girl and was a little disappointed. She said that once the baby is bigger it will be boring to go over to their house and play! Had to laugh at her way of thinking. I know she will love having the baby around. I am very happy for my sister and brother-in-law! Now they have to come up with a name for the little guy! Before they found out, my brother-in-law was calling the baby "Susie" because he figured it was a girl. My poor nephew. He is going to come out with a complex!! I can't wait to meet him! Congrats Beth and Matt!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Today Tyler's baskeball team, The Magic, won their first game! 20 to 8!! They are now 1 and 4! It was a really great game. So many close close baskets for both teams. I brought my video camera this time and I'm so glad I did. TYLER SCORED HIS FIRST BASKET!!! He was so could see it on his face! So happy for him! It was a very exciting afternoon!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

SuperBowl Sunday

I'm not a big football fan but we had a little get together at the house. My parents, in-laws and my sister came over for some food and the game. We had a good time even though I ate too much. Paul made some really good potato soup. He is a good of the things I love about him because I don't like to cook! My sister is going into her 5th month of pregancy and has a little pregnancy belly! You can really tell she is pregant now! I had to do my monthly picture of her from the side to show how big she is getting. Can you tell we weren't watching to much of the game? Tyler loved watching it. He picked the Giants to win so he was THRILLED at the end of the game! My dad even won $75 on squares. Did you see the commercial for Bud Light with Will Ferrill? IT WAS HILARIOUS! The best one they had! Hope everyone had a good weekend!