Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Voice Today

After A LOT of screaming, dancing, more screaming, and singing I have no voice! The concert was, as always, AWESOME!! Our seats were pretty good. We were in the upper level but in the 3rd row on the side of the stage. Good view but it would have been even better from the front row! I haven't been to a Bon Jovi concert that I was disappointed in!! Now they need to come back so we can do it again! The picture is from the show last night!


deedee16 said...

Hi Janet! Found your blog while searching for info on the Detroit show. Just thought I'd let you know our forum is tracking the concerts by each show - stop by if you want to see video, pics & reviews we've found for Feb 20th and feel free to post details about the show - you don't have to register or anything:

I absolutely LOVE your Bon Jovi playlist!

dougnat said...

LOVE the photo!! so glad you had an awesome time!

wendy said...

How fun! I can't wait...they come to our town in April and we have awesome seats...glad to hear it was a fun time :)