Monday, October 15, 2007

Scary Spider

I decorated the porch with our web and spider the other day. Kate had so much fun telling me where to put the spider. She would walk to the sidewalk and tell me where it looked good. Of course, she doesn't want to touch the spider b/c she is creeped out by it! After we had it all set, Kate wanted to take pictures. She had me stand under the spider and make a face. (sorry, it's not a flattering face but she liked it!) Anything to entertain my 5 year old! LOL!


Norma Kennedy said...

Hehehe Great decorating and luv the pic- Yes what we wont do for our kids !!!!!


Melita said...

Man, that's one BIG scary spider! Cute decorations!

Valery said...

Love decorating for the fall/Halloween season! That is a huge would scare me too!!

Brandi said...

I wouldn't walk by it either! LOL!

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