Thursday, August 26, 2010

Locker Practice & A Camera Hog

Oh, it's starting. Middle school happenings. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we went up to the middle school to get Ty's locker # and combination! He got to practice opening it and he was a pro! (of course we bought him a combination lock to practice with this summer!) We put some supplies in is locker and he added a football picture to make it his for the first day of school. I only took my point and shoot for pictures. Didn't want to embarrass him at the new school with my big camera! I think he is pretty excited now. Starting a new school and being a little more independent. I still don't think 6th grade should be middle school, but I'm excited for him. I'll cry the first date I'm sure. Because that's what I do. I cry...a lot! My baby is not a baby. Less than two weeks until the first day. It's bittersweet!

These other pictures are just here because they make me laugh. The kids were swimming and Dexter and I sat on the deck watching. I said his name and he took over the camera. Such a ham!


Amooretto said...

Dexter is just too cute! does he go in the water at all?

Love the pix of the lockers too!

**** April **** said...

wow those are big lockers! COOL! LOL