Monday, August 23, 2010

Something you don't like challenge.

Over at The Mosy Scrapper I posted a challenge. Scrap something you don't like. It can be anything. Food, bills, clothes, habits. As long as you don't like it, you can scrap it. For me, I chose one of my least favorite foods. THE DREADED HOT DOG! It was an easy choice b/c of the wonderful button Christa made for me from her Etsy shop. She knows I hate hot dogs so she sent me a hot dog button with my August Dt package. I may hate the dog...but the button is so cute. Here's a close up:

I took some picture of Kate eating her lunch. (hot dog) and used those for the page. I had a good time with this one. Even though I really don't understand how she eats them! Here's the way it tuned out...

Feel free to give this one a try and visit us at The Mosy!

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Amooretto said...

I love that hot dog! So glad that you were able to work with it, knowing you hate hot dogs LOL. And the layout is a masterpiece!