Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day!

Well, she did it!!! Kate started Kindergarten today with NO tears!!! She was a little nervous when we got to the school but she went into class and sat down with now problems!!! Before we left, we peeked in her window she smiled and waved! So happy about that. You know...she didn't even want me to pick her up from school. She took the bus home. I was sad about that because I wanted to be there when she got out on the first day but she wasn't having it! She REALLY could not wait to ride that bus! When she got off the bus she was grinning ear to ear! She really thought she was a BIG girl!
Tyler loved his class too! He is in 3rd grade and when we got to school he went to stand with all his friends and didn't even kiss us goodbye! As a matter of fact, he didn't even say goodbye to me! My baby is getting cool. Makes me so so sad.
Anyway, they both had WONDERFUL days and they can't wait to go back tomorrow!

Oh, and I enjoyed my 3 hours of freedom!!!

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Melita said...

Sounds like a successful 1st day! Sad how they grow up so fast!