Thursday, September 27, 2007

Off to a GREAT start!

Well, Grey's Anatomy is back in action and it did not disappoint! There were so many great scenes! Like when Christina told McDreamy she didn't like him...hilarious! When Christina found out Burke isn't coming back...sad. When Derrick stuck up for Merideth with cool! When the guy who was internally decapitated was in surgery and Christina was talking to him...emotional! When McSteamy said he actually came back for McDreamy...SO STINKIN' HILARIOUS! When Izzy told the interns good! George telling Izzy he loves NOT what I want to happen! And of course, when McDreamy and Meridith "break up" HOT! Even though I watch Grey's at home withouT anyone watching with me, I'm really not alone! My sister Beth and I watch it and call each other during commercials!! Our husband's find this annoying but we don't care! We have to discuss the best parts since we aren't watching it together!
Hope everyone else enjoyed the first episode...looks like it is going to be GREAT season!


Valery said...

Love your run-down of events!!! Love this show and so glad it is back on!!!!

Hope things are going well with you and your adorable kiddos!!!

Melita said...

Hey Janet! Loved the show too!!! I know what you mean about not really being alone. My friends and I IM during the show so its like watching with someone without having to say "shhhh!" LOL!

Brandi said...

DH and I finally finished Season 3 tonight! We've got the 3 new episodes we've missed on the DVR so we'll finally be caught up and watch it with everyone else on Thursday! Yay!