Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I was over at Becca's (PingPongMom)blog to leave a comment and I just loved her PlayList! So...I had to do it too! It was so much fun picking out the music. There are more songs that need to be added but for now this is good! I really have an eclectic list...Bon Jovi to Stevie Wonder!!! Enjoy!


Becca said...

hey janet, I should have guessed you would have bon jovi! im gonna add some of yours, i love goo goo dolls. the list doesnt seem to be working on for me on the page, if I click on standalone player, it does work, so I dont know if its my computer or not. just thought Id tell you. looks good tho. i like the green.

Becca said...

ok, now it works. nevermind.