Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This is why Tyler got the Sportsmanship award the for football 2 weeks ago. He is on the sidelines a lot but he NEVER complains about it. Which, makes me kind of mad. Tyler did really well last week and there are other kids on the team that are REALLY GOOD but they are, shall I say, brats! They know they are good and they feel they HAVE to play what they want when THEY want. Complaining all the time! Tyler does what he is told, tries his hardest and is on the sidelines. In the end it is more about winning for the coach than anything else. Even though they say it isn't. Don't get me wrong, winning is a wonderful feeling and I love that our team is doing great, but right now I think you need to worry about involving the kids and teaching them how to play. The only way they can learn is actually playing the game. The coach is GREAT and he does help Tyler but I can't help but think he keeps him out because he isn't the strongest player. Is that wrong of me to think that way? Maybe, this is a good lesson for him. Not everyone is a great football player, or a great baseball player but you are a part of a team. I guess, if Tyler isn't bothered than I should just get over it and stop looking into it so much! And when he is in the game he really tries his hardest and loves playing! Ok...I'm done with my rant on football! What do you think?
He does look cute standing there on the sidelines is that uniform!


Melita said...

Awww! He is a cutie! I've had my fair share of the "winning" coaches. It's really not fair but like you said, if he's not worried about it, should you? He's probably learning a more valuable lesson of patience, teamwork, and being hard work. ((HUGS to you and Tyler))

maria W said...

he looks so cute and i bet he is great and its not fair:(

Valery said...

How proud you must be of Tyler! We are dealing with the same thing here with our ten year old son! I can so relate to your post!!! It is a hard thing to do as a watch this happening!!!

Good for him for having such a wonderful attitude!!!!