Friday, February 26, 2010

Terrible 2's??? HA!

The other day I took the kids to Science/Math night up at school. I didn't want to go but being the wonderful mother I am, I took them. Well it ended up being nothing like last years and this, ticked my darling little daughter right off. And in turn, ticked me off. When that girl doesn't like something she does not hide it. I'm not going to go into the whole story but she did end up in a bit of trouble. Yelling, crying, taking away of favorite stuffed animals, grounded from the computer...what a night. And all because she didn't like what was at the school. As her mother, I have to teach her that it is NOT ok to be a "brat" even though things don't go your way. She's smart...she should know better. But she is also stubborn. What a mix! I think she learned a little lesson though, so I have no regrets on grounding her for 2 whole days.
And this would be the face that started our trip down hill. (A friend managed to snap a picture so I have proof!) Oh the terrible 2's have nothing on this 7 year old.

Oh that face...she is lucky I love her dearly!!

Have a good weekend!


**** April **** said...

OMG... you'll have to share the story! The look ... ha ha ha! LOVE that someone got a photo!

Julie said...

ohhh she does look a bit angry, but she is still cute. This must be the week for being in trouble. Lord knows Mr. B has been in tons of it here.

Amooretto said...

Oh Janet. Don't you love the sassy 7 years?! LOL Sorry that you had to go thru the evening that way. Glad that you have proof though! LOL She is a cutie even when she is angry :)