Friday, February 19, 2010

Kate and I got to go to the rodeo with her riding instructor and a few other people last weekend. It was our first time and it was pretty interesting. Got to see the bull riders...those guys are freakin crazy! Kate had a great time...even got a little taste of PETA. That was interesting. She is already telling me we have to go to another one...such a country girl!
This week, the kids had the entire week off school for winter break. They drove me a little crazy but most of the time they were pretty good. Back to school on Monday.


**** April **** said...

Very cool! I used to barrel race. Love the rodeo...the sights, sounds, smells. Love it all! The only thing I don't like is calf roping because it seems SO MEAN!

Amooretto said...

glad that you both had a great time. sounded like fun!