Wednesday, March 10, 2010


And I love my new camera. I wanted a camera that I could take with me when I didn't want to lug around my SLR. I LOVE THIS LITTLE THING! From the color to the quality of the pictures!

Isn't it cute?


**** April **** said...

I think it's hilarious you used ONE camera to take a photo of the other! ha ha ha. I don't know why that is funny to me. And YES YOU DO LOVE ORANGE don't you?! I love having a portable one, too!

Jana said...

That is a cute camera! I understand wanting a smaller camera for some events. My point & shoot doesn't have image stabilization and the newer ones do. I wouldn't mind having a newer point & shoot!

Amooretto said...

that is a cool Camera Janet! Love that they make them in orange for ya! :)