Wednesday, March 19, 2008


It is Kate's 6th birthday today. I really can't believe that she is 6 already. Granted, she does act like she is 16...but that is another story! I was in class today helping out and last night I made brownies for their snack. They sang Happy Birthday and I took a bunch of pictures of her and all her friends. After class we went to lunch with her teacher and then it was off to PetSmart. She got to buy a Betta Fish for her room. She is so excited! She named him Oscar after the other one she had a few years ago. I even called the radio station to have them wish her a Happy Birthday. We did it last year and I talked to the same dj. He said her name and where she was from and said he would talk to us next year! She loved that! She is patiently waiting to open the rest of her presents. I'm being a mean mom and making her wait until Dad gets up so he can see it too. Tonight we are all going to dinner at Red Robin to celebrate. Next weekend is her birthday party with the rest of the family. So, it's a busy fun day today on my baby's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!


Amy W. said...

aww happy birthday to your Kate! hope she treasures her wishes! :)

becca said...

happy birthday to Kate! Jed will be 6 this august! time flies! I love the pic! great idea to do the six on the wall, so stinkin cute!