Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Pics

Mom, me, Kate, Cole and Reed went to a local hobby store for a Breyer event. They had a sale on the horses Kate collect. They also had a little petting farm and pony rides in the parking lot. It was really cute! Cole and Kate had a good time petting all the animals. Loved the funky alpaca and Kate wanted to take a chicken home! Cole took two pony rides but Kate didn't want to since the guy walked the kids around the parking lot. But I walked out of the store and found Kate walking the horse around on her own! She told him she rides and leads horses all the time so he let her take him! I was waiting for her to jump on and take off!
Here she is walking the horse around. She told me she wants a job there now!
It's been a fun weekend! Hope you all enjoyed yours!

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Michelle said...

Oh how cool is that!! How nice that he let her lead the horse around. Fun pics!