Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sick Kid and A Creation

I have poor Tyler home with me today. Actually it's the 2nd day. He got sick last week, thought he was better. No such luck. Sore throat, fever, bad cough and a stomach ache. Just took his temp about 15 minutes ago and it was 102. He said he actually feels worse. Been to the doc's twice and he told me now he has a ear infection. Which I'm not seeing. I think we have a misdiagnoses. Damn it! I just hope he is feeling better real soon. And I really hope that Kate doesn't get sick for her b-day on Saturday. (fingers crossed)

I did manage to finish altering this cool printers tray. I've had it up on the wall partially finished and just felt the need to get it done. I like it. Now I need to get another one. Maybe make one for my mom and dad with the grandkids' pictures.

Have a great week!

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