Friday, June 25, 2010

Picture Fun...

I was visiting the Work In Progress blog this morning and they had a link to this place...PhotoFunia! I can't stop playing. (although I have to b/c the cable guy is coming in about 1/2 an hour and I'm still not dressed)Here are a few pictures I did!
This one CRACKS ME UP!! That's Tyler's face as Jack Sparrow...LOVE IT!

Go visit the site and have fun! I know I'm going to do more later!
Have a great weekend!


lori said...

love this site..... i will have to share the one that i made of a photo of josh!!

and your summer vacation photos are great!! the one of paul with the kids & dexter are tooooo cute!!

love your photos janet!

Amooretto said...

hahaha I love Kate's Wanted picture! That looks like fun! And what a great way to save it and print later! ;) Have fun with your photos. I may have to try this one! LOL

**** April **** said...

ok totally freakin cool!!!!

becca said...

so funny!!!