Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thought I'd post something...

This poor blog! So neglected. I was on TMS and thanks to Julie I am over here with a new post. Thanks Julie! Not that I have tons to talk about but I guess I could post a few new pictures from this month.
Yesterday I went with my sister and friend Shelley to go see NEW MOON...OH DID WE LOVE IT! It was so good! Really looking forward to the next one. Anyone else see it?
I haven't scrapped much. Not feeling creative at all. Last weekend I did scrap with some friends at Dena's and got caught up on some journaling for my 365 Kit. Managed to do 2 layouts too.
Here are some pictures that I took at Beth and Matt's. They didn't turn out that great but the kids look cute.

Cole didn't want to smile much but of course he is still adorable! Kate loves her cousin. Can you tell? Tyler looks way to old in these pictures. Makes me want to cry!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a great Thanksgiving!


Julie said...

those are such amazing photos and the kids are growing up quick, thanks for sharing them.

Tonya Boone said...

great music..
what a cutie too Janet..

Jana said...

Those are great pictures!