Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blog Change

I was looking through my blog and felt like changing the colors. I think it looks good. I was getting tired of the black background.
I'm a little under the weather today. Not sure what the heck I have. Just know I really feel that great. Achey, sore throat, and tired. Fun. I just hope it doesn't last for Christmas. I still need to get a few presents too. Nothing like last minute shopping. I do it every year. You would think I would learn. I don't look forward to the last minute crowds. People just get nasty.
I haven't done a lot of scrapbooking but I did manage to get a few layouts done this past week.

One is for a challenge I posted at The Mosy Scrapper and the other is for a page idea that Christa posted.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

1 comment:

Amy W. said...

these look great, Janet! your blog change looks great! :)