Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Horse Rider and Baseball Player!

Today was the BIG day!!! Kate has been waiting for months and we finally had her first horseback riding lesson today. She was beyond excited and I think she did pretty well. It is a private lesson and she learned a lot in her first day. She even rode with no hands! We will be going every week. When it was time to go home, Kate told me that she wanted to live at their house. I am so excited for her. She just loves being on a horse...

The picture of Tyler in the catcher uniform is from yesterday's baseball game. (I just love how he looks in this outfit...so cool! ) He is going great! As a matter of fact, his coach picked him and 3 other kids from his team to be on the All Star Game on June 1st! I'm really proud of him. He is really trying and getting some great plays.

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Melisa Waldorf said...

It is a cute photo of your little guy! Looks like they are both keeping you busy with activities.