Saturday, March 29, 2008

Creative MESS!

There was a post at Create My Keepsake asking if you are a messy scrapper. HA! Messy is the only way I now how to scrap...or do anything else. Those who know me know organization is not my "thing". My corner desk is in the living room so there isn't much room for all my stuff. I keep telling my husband I want a room added to the house but he isn't going for it. I've even asked my BIL to build me one. No one will help me out! So...for now this is what my corner of the living room will look like.


April Driggers said...

Hey girl... love the mess! :) ha ha! :)

Here's the down low on the siggy line:

:) Create it there. Then from the blog dashboard, go into settings... then choose "formatting" and paste the code they give you to the block on the bottom called "Post Template"

When you go into do your next post to blogger, there will be some html code on your next post entry... just type in front of that and voila... there's your siggy at the bottom when you post! :)

April Driggers said...

But that's the sign of a busy scrapper! That's a GOOD THING!

amywelch said...

GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! Are you sure you didnt take a photo of my scrap desk??LOL Really I am the same way!!!!

addicted2bling said...

Janet, Oh my gosh, me too! Unbelieveable for me sometimes!