Saturday, November 10, 2007

BON we come!

Some of you know how much I love the band Bon Jovi...and of course Jon Bon Jovi! Dena, Beth and I are going to the concert on February 20th! We can not wait! The tickets went on sale this morning but we ordered from the pre-sale yesterday. We planned on getting better seats for the concert but they are hard to come buy because of these brokers that get the tickets and then sell them WAY above face value. Idiots. One ticket for the main floor is over $1000 -- that is awful. So, we will be sitting in the upper level admiring our boyfriend, dancing our butts off and screaming from way up high! Oh's better than not going at all! (Enjoy the Bon Jovi music playing as you read!)

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Becca said...

this sounds awesome!! did you catch him on SNL last weekend??